We're Jut, a data analytics platform built for enterprise and backed by the creative muscle of the open source community.

Welcome to Our Vision of the Future

Jut is here to solve one big, crazy problem: the world of enterprise IT is so specialized and complex that just managing all the analytics "solutions" out there is a full time job. We're building a different future.

When we're done, we're going to do more than change the way people think. We're going to change the way they work. We're going to transform a collection of disparate, siloed, billion dollar markets into a unified experience so you can find answers faster, manage smarter, and spend less money doing it.

Closed Systems Are Old News

We're opting for something new. We know enough to know that we don't know everything–that the most effective solutions are the ones that people build collaboratively.

So We're Opening Everything Up

What's the difference between us and everyone else talking about open platforms? We're not just using it as a sales angle. We're not touting openness while locking you into a narrow approach. As far as we're concerned, your data is your business–do what you want with it.

Our job is to provide you with the tools you need to turn your data into actionable insights and quickly adapt the system to make it work for you.


Jut is what happens when a few old friends get together and ask why big data doesn't have more proven, practical applications in enterprise.

When we started, we knew the problems were bigger than one or two applications–they were structural, meaning they needed a structural solution. So we got to work. What we built was a new way to look at an old problem, a shift in the way we see the fragmentary mess that is last generation's analytics products.

Today, Jut is a family of like-minded builders and entrepreneurs working in San Francisco. We're experienced, dedicated, and hell-bent on changing analytics in the enterprise.

Meet the Team

Steve McCanne | Founder & CEO

Want to build something small and cute? Well, Steve isn't your man. He thinks big and dreams even bigger. He's a successful serial entrepreneuer who focuses on building technologies that optimize applications and the underlying infrastructure that supports them. Previously, Steve co-founded FastForward Networks and Riverbed.

Read Steve's full bio on LinkedIn.

Larry Castro | CFO

He's a man that inspires fear in spreadsheets everywhere. They quake at his mastery of macros; stare in awe at his ability to manipulate a million rows of data. Larry Castro is one of the few, the chosen, who have made corporate finance into high art. You think it's about keeping the books straight - Larry knows it's the lifeblood of your business. Larry has perfected his art at Riverbed & EA.

Read Larry's full bio on LinkedIn.

Apurva Dave | VP Marketing

Apurva is a marketer with a history of technology successes (As in, "Hey I created a GitHub account! Success!"). At Riverbed, he grew the Steelhead product line to $750 Million in annual revenue. He successfully acquired and merged three companies, including the Stingray product line, which he grew to $50 Million in just 18 months. Apurva generally feels bad that he doesn't have three letters listed after his name, so he wanted you to know that he has an mba from CAL.

Read Apurva's full bio on LinkedIn.

Mike Demmer | VP Engineering

If you give Mike a blank piece of paper, chewing gum, and three paperclips, what will you end up with? It's very likely that it will be insanely useful and easily integrate into your application environment. He's got a history of doing cool MacGyver-esque moves on products that have spanned applications, networking, and IT management. Just for kicks Mike also is an author on a number of patents that you are welcome to peruse if you've got some time and are looking for some scintillating bedtime reading.

Read Mike's full bio on LinkedIn.

Nick Bergseng


Matt Blass


Greg Lee Coleman


David Cook

Marketing & Growth

Aaron Dai

QA Engineer

Ryan Davidson


Andrew Dittes


Henri Dubois-Ferriere


Laurel Gaddie

Technical Documentation

David Galbraith


Kevin Garton

QA Engineer

Rodney Gomes

QA Engineer

Rob Hall

Head of Product Management

Brian Kereszturi


Al Landrum

Technical Lead

Daria Mehra

Lead QA Engineer

Philip O'Toole


Andy Pang

Dir of Engineering

Sonja Petri

Office Manager

Naveen Prabhu

Product Manager

Sajid Reshamwala


Stan Russell


Phil Rzewski

Technical Marketing

Tim Sheiner

Creative Director

Thilee Subramaniam


Andrew Swan

Principal Architect

Matt Tescher


Jason Wang


Will Welch

Data Scientist

Josh Wold

Marketing & Growth


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We're glad you're thinking about teaming up with us to shake up the world of enterprise IT. Everyone here is committed to making Jut a fun place to dream big and build the future.

Jut offers a flexible, comfortable work environment based in downtown San Francisco, with competitive medical, dental, and vision benefits and a 401K program.

Here's Why You Want to Work Here

  • You care about working at a place that has a big technology vision with people who can execute on a multi-billion dollar plan
  • You're interested in building a company that believes in a culture of openness, not only in terms of communications, but also open source projects. The Jut culture was built around healthy debate and celebrates good ideas no matter where they come from.
  • You thrive in a small but growing team and like contributing your skills in multiple ways.
  • You're the very best at what you do.


Send a resume and pointers to any of your open-source or other public projects to jobs@jut.io.

Open Positions

Senior Node.js Engineer

We're looking for experienced node.js developers to help build out our web services and high performance data analysis engine.

You should have:

  • Demonstrable systems programming competence in Javascript using Node.js.
  • Experience building, instrumenting, monitoring, and scaling Node applications in production.
  • A deep understanding of asynchronous programming constructs and techniques including Promises
  • Familiarity with modern frameworks such as Express, Mocha, Grunt, Bookshelf, and Knex.
  • A solid understanding of the architecture of the web and basic networking principles.
  • A BA/BS in computer science or a closely related field.

Data Visualization Engineer

Front end data wranglers needed! We're looking for experienced front end developers to design and implement our dynamic data visualizations.

You should have:

  • Demonstrable experience building interactive data visualizations in Javascript using D3.
  • A strong conceptual foundation in data modeling and visualization techniques and interactive chart design.
  • The passion and motivation to provide deep insights to users through visualizations.
  • A solid understanding of the architecture of the web and basic networking principles.
  • A BA/BS in computer science or a closely related field.

Web Developer

We're looking for web developers of all experience levels who share our passion for building beautiful and effective web applications and have the skills and motivation to get it done.

You should have:

  • Demonstrable client-side programming competence in Javascript/HTML/CSS.
  • Familiarity with modern frameworks and technologies such as Backbone, React, Angular, Rails, etc.
  • Experience using product instrumentation for user analytics, tracking, and conversion optimization.
  • The ability to perform A/B testing and other experiments and to to quickly iterate on the site design for best effect.
  • Understanding of the architecture of the web and basic networking principles to optimize web performance.

Operations Engineer

We're looking for our first Operations Engineer to help shepherd our products from development into production.

You should have:

  • Expertise with all aspects of SaaS operations, including rapid release management, monitoring, scaling, security, and troubleshooting.
  • A hands-on affinity for metrics of all kinds, and a solid working knowledge of state of the art statistics and metrics gathering systems
  • Real Dev/Ops experience, working tightly with the development team as part of the product development lifecycle.
  • Programming and scripting competence in a variety of languages including bash and python.
  • A deep working knowledge of AWS services and deployment management systems such as Chef or Puppet.

Software Engineer — New Grad

We're looking for bright and motivated software developers in the early stages of their careers to join our growing team

You should have:

  • Demonstrable programming competence in a variety of languages, from Javascript to C/C++.
  • A solid computer science foundation, including data structures, algorithms, operating systems, and databases.
  • The enthusiasm and ability to hit the ground running, start contributing from Day 1, and continue to learn quickly on the job.
  • A good sense of the architecture of the web and HTTP / TCP networking fundamentals.
  • A BA/BS in computer science or a closely related field.

Visual Product Designer

This is an opportunity to develop a new role as the visual integration point between product and marketing, user interface and user experience, engineering and design.

You should have:

  • Thorough understanding of visual design theory
  • High dexterity with visual design software tools
  • Ability to provide examples of product interface, illustration and branding work
  • Comfort participating in the UX process, including the development of wireframes
  • Experience working directly with software engineers
  • Basic markup prototyping skills, or eagerness to learn